Elegant Yard Sale and Auction
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11.17.2017 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Come on, come all! Join us for an evening of fundraising at our Elegant Yard Sale and Auction. All proceeds of this event will go towards our New Minister Fund. Autumn is a perfect time to de-clutter our lives and homes and share the abundance you have and are ready to release with the Center for Spiritual Living!

Clean out the beautiful clutter and empty those boxes! Consider old gifts that don't mean what they once did and are now just taking up space. Beautiful collections that can be thinned out. The excess beauty that you can comfortably release. Books and LPs, furniture, costume jewelry, ceramics, current sporting goods. How about your big toys? This is all tax-deductible so how about that extra car or kayak?

Then celebrate with our friends at the Elegant Yard Sale and Auction where all of this goodness will be sold to each other and your elegant excess can be enjoyed anew! There will be music and finger food and drinks. Most items will go on sale at 7 and high-end items will be offered by silent auction at 9. This event will be held at the Center.
Bring your items to be stored and sorted in advance. Your donations will be accepted on Sunday November 3 after service.

Pay your admission and for drinks with your love offering. We will accept cash and major credit cards for payment for Yard Sale and Auction items.

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